By: Hunter Reis

On Sunday, October 5 the 2014 Boston Fashion Week officially kicked off with “The Launch” at the W Hotel. Five up and coming designers showcased their creations in this runway style fashion show.

The Launch 2

Taken by Hunter Reis

All of the designers that presented at “The Launch” were recent college graduates from many fashion design programs throughout the region. Ty Sinnett, Dominique Quinque, Chynna Pope, Maryanne Meservey, and Jeffery Dickerson each had their own aesthetics that made their lines unique. Sinnett, who grew up on an island, had the ocean and beaches inspire her color pallet as well as the long, wavy shape of her dresses. Dickerson, on the other hand, used his adoration for Lady Gaga to create a dark, edgy line of clothes.

Maryanne Meservey, a recent graduate from Mount Ida College, specializes in “Eco-Punk”, a new style of fashion that utilizes old garments to create fresh, new ones. “Its where fashion is going,” says Meservey, “to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. That is the future of fashion and I just want to be on that bandwagon.” Meservey says that she enjoys taking apart old clothes to incorporate them into her outfits.

The Launch 3

Taken by Hunter Reis

Her favorite piece she has made, and the one that generates the most hype, is a long skirt comprised completely out of white button up shirts. The shirts are sown together at the collars and hang down independently to form a unique flow skirt. Meservey has only just begun her fashion career, but has big hopes for the future. “The hope is to finally launch my website and get myself out there as a designer. This is my only show this week, but I will be here again in November doing other shows.”

Meservey is just one of the recent graduates with big plans. With experience in Boston’s fashion week under their belt, the designers are all off to a great start. “The Launch” is held during every Boston Fashion Week to showcase new young designers, but this was the first year in which the event actually launched off Boston Fashion Week.

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