Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.43.59 PMBy Yvonne Xiao 11-19-14 

Massachusetts Officials successfully launched a revamped health insurance website this weekend. The state Medicaid coverage is amenable to the federal Affordable Care Act.

During the first two days of open enrollment, nearly 5,000 people registered, almost 7,000 people completed a first step by determining whether they are eligible for state Health Connector plans, and more than 57,000 people visited the website.  This is quite a difference from last year, when the botched Health Connector resulted in some 300,000 residents having to be placed into temporary Medicaid coverage.

This caused a very expensive renovation for the website. The originally estimated cost was $174 million but later increased to $254 million. Governor Deval Patrick said there will not be a reappearance of the terrible roll-out this time around, saying the state has “been testing and retesting” the new website. Maydad Cohen, a special assistant of Patrick, claims that the website has proven stable and reliable.


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