By Priscilla Liguori 6/26/2015


Univision and Donald Trump’s professional relationship is quickly crumbling.


The company is refusing to air Trump’s Miss USA pageant scheduled for July 12.


Donald Trump, Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Donald Trump, Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The drama between the parties came after Trump’s anti-immigration comments last week after the Republican’s announcement that he was running for President of the United States.


“They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us.” Trump said about Mexicans. “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”


Trump has told multiple news outlets that he does not regret his original comments on Mexican immigrants.


Univision said, “We see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country.”


Trump owns the pageant with NBCUniversal, who released a statement saying the company does not agree with “his positions on a number of issues, including his recent comments on immigration.”


The fight has gone to both Twitter and Instagram.  Trump has tweeted that “@Univision cares far more about Mexico than it does about the U.S. Are they controlled by the Mexican government?”


Trump plans to sue Univision’s Alberto Ciurana on charges of defamation, saying the executive compared him to alleged Charleston shooter Dylan Roof in an Instagram post. The post has since been deleted, but Trump said that he does not accept Ciurana’s apology for the “disgraceful” comparison.


The presidential hopeful says he will also sue Univision for a breach of contract. He has banned all Univision employees from using his Trump National Doral, Miami and any of its facilities.

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