Courtesy: Creative Commons

Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Angelina Salcedo 11/26/2016

* 1926: Born in the southeastern Oriente Province of Cuba

* 1953: Imprisoned after leading an unsuccessful uprising against Batista’s regime

* 1955: Released from prison under an amnesty deal

* 1956: Begins a guerrilla war against the government with Che Guevara

* 1959: Defeats dictator Batista, and is sworn in as prime minister of Cuba

* 1961: Fights off CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion by Cuban exiles

* 1962: Sparks Cuban missile crisis by agreeing that USSR can deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba

* 1976: Elected president by Cuba’s National Assembly

* 1992: Reaches an agreement with US over Cuban refugees

* 2006: Hands over reins to brother Raul due to health issues, stands down as president two years later


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