Courtesy: WikiMedia

Courtesy: WikiMedia

By Ciara Speller 1/15/2017
Congresswoman Annie Kuster has launched a bipartisan task force to combat sexual assault and harassment.

The assault scandals involving President-elect Trump last summer shocked Kuster and motivated her activism for women rights, once being a victim years prior.

“I am a sexual assault survivor myself and I had dealt with a similar incident many years ago when I worked on the staff on Capitol Hill,” said the Democrat.

Kuster will be among the many politicians attending the Inauguration in Washington, D.C. According to Kuster, she is attending the ceremony to honor the office of the presidency because she feels strongly about democracy. Next Saturday Kuster will also participate in the Women’s March on Washington to make her voice heard.

“Inadvertently perhaps and somewhat ironically, Mr. Trump has brought the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment to the forefront of our public debate. So now is our opportunity, we need to speak up with a loud clear voice and say this is not ok,” said Kuster.

The bipartisan group includes former prosecutors and judges.


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