Courtesy: Creative Commons

Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Genevieve Dinatale 1/15/2017
History once again surrounded Faneuil Hall as the center of citizen protest. This time the issue was the repeal of the Affordable Care Act which the Republican majority Congress has started to dismantle.

“I definitely think that for the Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be something catastrophic for the whole country, for millions of people,” said Mark Roberts, a Worcester resident.

Massachusetts politicians like U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren encouraged the protestors.

“Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in but he and his Republican allies are already trying to ram through repeal of the Affordable Care Act,” said Warren amid the audience’s boos. “If Republicans try to rip healthcare out of the hands of millions of Americans, we will fight every step of the way.”

Other speakers included MA Senator Ed Markey and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

The ACA has provided coverage for over 20 million Americans since it became law seven years ago and it has faced much scrutiny from conservatives over increased medical spending and premiums.

Last week, Congressional Republicans voted to approve a blueprint budget resolution that would eventually repeal and replace Obama Care. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to sign such legislation.


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