Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Matt Case 1/18/2017
While Donald Trump is preparing his speech for his Inauguration, 50 students are preparing their voices for the same event. They are from the Missouri State University Chorale.

Chandler Cooper is a junior at MSU and a member of the Chorale. He said his company is not concerned about whom is being sworn in, but is taking advantage of the chance to sing in front of millions.

“Keeping in mind that we were selected for this opportunity before the election happened, we made a commitment, no matter who wins the election, that we would be there, so we’re really going as a non-partisan group,” Cooper said. “We really would like to use this opportunity to be that non-partisan voice of peace and bringing people together.”

The ensemble will perform one song, an original piece composed for the event titled “Now we Belong.”


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