Courtesy: Creative Commons

Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Matt Case 1/18/2017
If you love politics and music, the Newseum is displaying a special exhibit highlighting musicians’ impact on politics.

Louder than Words has moved from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, to Washington D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration, and is open until July 31st.

It features instruments like Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock Star-Spangled Banner guitar, clothes, like the outfit Bruce Springsteen wore on the cover of his Born in the USA album, and original handwritten lyrics, like the very piece of paper on which Bob Dylan wrote The Time they are a-Changin.

Patty Rule is the Newseum Director of Exhibit Development. She believes highlighting musicians and their political influence is a more upbeat way to communicate the Newseum’s mission to promote citizen’s premier rights.

“This exhibit Louder than Words is really a powerful, dramatic way to tell that story about artists who use their power of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment to draw attention to issues that people weren’t paying attention to, to change the status quo, to challenge people in power, and really to change the world.”


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