Courtesy: Creative Commons

Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Robert Way 1/25/2017
Several Mayors are saying no to President Trump’s executive order to shut down their sanctuary cities.  If they don’t comply, the President has vowed to take away federal funding.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is promising to use City Hall to house anyone affected, even inside his personal office.  Walsh says he is “disturbed and angered” by Mr. Trump’s action and the city won’t be “intimidated by the threat to federal funding.”

Walsh isn’t standing alone. In Rhode Island, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza also pledged today to protect undocumented immigrants in his city.

“My job is to represent every single resident of the city of Providence and we will continue to do that,” Elorza said.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is also defying the President as have Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the New York State Attorney General and mayors from Somerville and Chelsea, MA.  Selectmen in the town of Arlington, MA have been meeting to create sanctuary status there.

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