By Philippe Gonzalez 2/24/17

Most people have seen one of Wylie Stateman’s movies. The sound editor has over 130 film credits and this year marks his 8th Oscar Nomination.

Stateman has worked on movies like “Django Unchained,” “Kill Bill” and classics like “Ferris Bueller’s Day¬†Off,” and “Air Force One,” but this year he is being honored for his work on “Deepwater Horizon.”

Although the movie was filmed in the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans the motion picture transports you to one of the most sophisticated oil rigs and the catastrophe that occurred in 2010.

The power of sound is “about transporting people,” said Stateman, “it’s really an opportunity to put people in a place where for an hour or two they can experience something that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience.”

He told WEBN in Los Angeles that “Our goal with ‘Deepwater Horizon’ was to not tell about the technology but to have the story that was really about the people.”


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