screen-shot-2017-03-08-at-10-28-21-pmBy Luis Vasquez 3/8/2017

It is spring’s most anticipated ballgames, and it doesn’t even involve two major league teams. The Red Sox will take on Team USA of the World Baseball Classic in an exhibition game at JetBlue Park.

Team USA has a star-studded roster featuring all MLB players. The lineup is headlined by Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton, San Fransisco’s Buster Posey, and Toronto’s Marcus Stroman, to name a few. There are no members of the Red Sox on the U.S. roster.

There was interest in several Boston players for Team USA. Ouutfielder Jackie Bradley, Jr. and the Big Three of the Sox rotation (Sale, Price, Porcello) were all invited to participate but respectfully declined, opting instead to focus on playing for Boston.

For Bradley, a new father, missing time from his daughter wasn’t ideal. He told WEEI’s Rob Bradford, “I’m still just kind of jump-starting my career. Obviously I have a little daughter now. I didn’t think it would be worth those two and half to three weeks of time I was going to miss. With being in spring training, I’m on a routine so I get to come home every single day.” Bradley said.

Thursday’s game at JetBlue park begins at 1:05 p.m.


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