screen-shot-2017-03-10-at-8-15-45-am<strong>By Katherine Fominykh 3/8/2017</strong>

The faded fad known as “Tebowing”  will make its spring debut, and it will be against the Red Sox, no less. The Sox will be facing ex-NFLer Tim Tebow Wednesday afternoon , where he will get his first-ever Spring Training at-bat. It’s a moment many Mets fans have been waiting for, this will be a chance for Tebow to show he’s more than just a marketing ploy or a bored, retired football player poised to flame out on the MLB stage.
But as Tebow steps up to the plate for the first time, the Red Sox might also be taking a part in crossover history, too. They could be the team that lights Tebow’s path to the Majors, or extinguishes it on sight.

Tebow is set to appear as the Mets’s designated hitter which sounds simple enough.  However, Tebow will be standing in the box looking out  at 2016’s AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the Heisman Trophy-winner will do anything more than catch some air in his bat and walk back to the dugout. Few first time-ever-at-bats end differently, let alone up against one of the best pitchers in baseball.

For their part, Red Sox players are showing nothing but total support for Tebow.

“It’s cool,” said Dustin Pedroia. “Good for him. You know?”

Presumptive third baseman Pablo Sandoval, who is also having his own sort of renaissance this spring also took note of Tebow.”I wish I could play another sport…He is making that transition playing football to baseball; [that’s] a big deal. He’s a pro athlete. He knows how to handle those things.”

The Mets couldn’t have debuted their dancing bear for a better match-up. The Red Sox always draw large swathes of fans from Boston to Florida every year, and many Mets fans will be stepping over each other to see the former quarterback pick up a bat.

Needless to say, Wednesday’s game is sold out.

If Red Sox manager John Farrell is concerned about losing the spotlight on his Cy Young pitcher, or his young team as a whole, he didn’t show it.

“It seems like no matter what [Tebow] gets involved in, it’s always going to grab headlines or draw a crowd…to it,” said Farrell on Tuesday. “[He’s] a gifted athlete. See how he handles a major league environment, particularly in the batter’s box.”

The Red Sox face Tim Tebow and the Mets Wednesday at First Data Field in Port St. Lucie.