screen-shot-2017-03-15-at-5-50-59-pmBy Katherine Fominykh 3/15/2017

Amidst first-round Spring Training cuts, the Red Sox will be losing another player for the beginning of the season, but not because he isn’t good enough.

David Price, who was arguably the most talked about free agent signing last season, will be starting 2017 on the disabled list to an inflamed left elbow. Though the Red Sox haven’t officially designated Price for the DL yet, it seems likely it’s exactly where he’ll be Opening Day.

When the organization first made the statement two weeks ago that Price had been suffering from the injury, everyone prepared for the worst. Second opinions from the leading Tommy John specialist could have signaled season-ending surgery.

There was then a collective sigh of relief when the Red Sox announced that Price would not need surgery after all. The diagnosis indicated the inflammation was a minor threat, nothing seven-to-ten days couldn’t fix. Now, it seems, it’s time to inhale again.

Here’s what the Red Sox pitching rotation looks like without David Price. Porcello will now officially take the first spot, and then Sale will be second ; they will be followed by Steven Wright, Drew Pomeranz, and Eduardo Rodriguez.

The starting five does seem less solid than it did two weeks ago. A triad of Price, Sale and Porcello, two of whom are Cy Young winners, seemed so formidable that it didn’t matter as much if the remaining two had some work to do. Now, with the shaky starters making up the majority of the rotation, the Red Sox’s opening rotation looks a little more foggy.

As for now, no one knows-or will risk making predictions-how long Price will be out. There may be some concerned that Price, yet another money-stuffed offseason acquisition, will be riding the bench on a seat made of $217 million dollars.

“A lot of what’s driving this on a daily throwing schedule is how David feels,” said John Farrell. “We don’t have [directions] that there needs to be X number of sessions at 60 feet and then we’re going to progress.”