screen-shot-2017-04-01-at-4-16-31-pmBy Max Cohen 4/24/17

Jets fans may once again put a flame to a number 24 jersey as rumors swirl around Darrelle Revis and his possible return to the Patriots. Jason La Canfora broke the news yesterday, citing multiple NFL executives who believe that Revis will return to New England.

The last time Revis played for New England, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. However, his play has been in decline since that time. His last season was arguably the worst of career, as opposing QBs had a passer rating of 109.8 while targeting his side of the field, the highest since his rookie year.

Although the now 31-year-old may no longer be a top cornerback in the league, he may could still succeed in a reduced role. Since the Patriots already have two corners on the outside, Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler, Revis could play in nickel and dime packages covering the slot receiver.

This configuration would allow Revis to continue his signature press coverage style of play against smaller receivers running shorter routes. This would prevent Revis from getting burned down the field by bigger outside receivers like last season.

Another problem Revis had last year was his effort. There were multiple points throughout the year where Revis looked as if he didn’t care and wasn’t putting 100% into each play.

Then again, if there is anyone who could coax a return to form out of an aging super star, it’s Bill Belichick. We will just have to wait and see if the Patriots want to bring Revis back in off the island to find out if he has anything left.


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