Courtesy: Creative Commons

by Tyler Robichaud 10/17/17

Boston residents rallied for change Saturday, being led by Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea. The two were in Boston Saturday for the annual Day of Action volunteer event.

Northeastern University claims that over 4,000 people attended the rally held on their campus. Those in the audience heard inspiring words from the former president as he urged them to make a change. Daughter Chelsea Clinton was found at Madison Park Vocational High School, explaining her belief of utilizing volunteer work as a way to end some of the country’s present conflict, to students.

Boston Volunteers were given specific tasks they could perform to help the surrounding community. One activity involved building “book boxes” that will be placed throughout the city. Some helped in an artistic manner by creating paintings and murals while others put together care packages. Those leading the activities hope residents will become inspired and continue to support the city through this kind of work.

The annual event, created by Chelsea Clinton, originated in 2012. As noted on the Clinton Foundation’s website, the Day of Action came from the desire to help after Hurricane Sandy and served as a tool to “channel the outpouring of support” into action that would make a difference. Since then, the event has become a yearly platform to host opportunities for people to come together and give their time to promote change.