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By Belen Dumont 10/17/17

A bitter back and forth dispute between the president and Republican senator, Bob Corker has taken place via Twitter.

Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, initially commented last week  that Trump conducts the White House like a reality show.  Trump was, in fact, the former host of the American game show, “The Apprentice,” for fourteen seasons.

Communication professor at the University of Minnesota, Laurie Ouellett,  studies the system of Reality TV shows and common techniques used to gather successful ratings. She says that humiliation tactics and aggressive showmanship are common in Reality TV shows.

Trump immediately targeted Corker’s 5’7″ height, calling him “Liddle”.  Corker’s height of 5’7’’ by calling him “Liddle’”. This is the second time on record that Trump has targeted Mr.Corker’s height. Earlier this year, the white house considered Mr.Corker for secretary of state. Trump reportedly stated that Mr.Corker was physically too short for the role.

Trump’s response to Corker inferred that the New York times tricked Corker “by recording his conversation” to obtain his negative comments on Trump’s presidency.

However, it was clearly established that Corker and the Times interviewer were on record. “I know they’re recording it, and I hope you are, too,” Corker said

The divide between parties has blurred, as many controversial issues have recently being debated. Despite the popular views of their parties, senators have been shifting sides on certain bills.

Sustaining support from the Republican side has been a battle in the legislative branch lately. Failure to repeal the affordable care act falls to the lack of votes – backing that was expected from certain Republican senators.  There are several senators that shift positions in varying topics – some even from the majority vote of their own political party.  

From nuclear war threats, insults, to nicknames,  a sense of hostility and tension have been observed by the public.

Corker said,  “I know for a fact that every single day at the White House, it’s a situation of trying to contain him.”