By Cailyn Carr 10/25/17

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders visited the city of Somerville on Monday to endorse seventeen progressive local candidates. Sanders discussed city council, the board of education, and alderman positions at his rally right outside of Boston.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Sanders’ appearance drew hundreds of people from Somerville and neighboring areas. Many could not fit inside the venue and instead listened to an impromptu speech given by Sanders outside.

Endorsing low-level candidates is a part of Sanders’ effort to re-energize the Democratic Party through grassroots campaigns. “Our Revolution”, a group formed by Sanders’ supporters, is aimed at mobilizing progressive, liberal candidates. Sanders, a four-term mayor of Burlington, VT expressed this sentiment to the crowd in Somerville when he said “we need a mass movement of people at the grassroots level who are going to stand up and fight back, and that means getting involved… at the local level.”

Some local officials disagree with Sanders’ endorsements, expressing in a letter to the Senator that his intervention in Cambridge politics “divides, rather than unites, progressives here.” Supporters of the letter worry that Sanders’ endorsements will sway voters to candidates on whom they’ve done no research. State Representative Marjorie Decker was among the signers of this letter.

Sanders’ Somerville rally followed an announcement that he will be running for reelection in the U.S. Senate as an Independent.

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