By Matthew Grady 10/29/17

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Whether they’re a witch, wraith, or werewolf, all costumed guests visiting Salem for Halloween must leave certain parts of their disguises at home.

“No weapons! No replicas! No kidding!,” Salem’s Police department tweeted. Police Captain Conrad Prosniewski stated, “If you’re going to dress up, don’t carry a weapon or anything dangerous. It will be confiscated.” The city’s police are also going to step up their security as the festivities are brought to their end, “more than 200 officers and more plain clothes officers in the downtown area,”  according to Prosniewski.

After events like the recent Las Vegas shooting, many workers and authorities are on their toes. Salem’s Mayor, Kim Driscoll, said these extra security measures are all about keeping people safe. She urged people coming to Salem this weekend to “Take the train, wear your costume, pack some patience, take lots of pics…but also, “have fun!”

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