By Franco Araujo O’Neill 11/7/17

Alex Cora is back in a Red Sox uniform,. He was officially announced as the 47th manager in franchise history during a conference at Fenway Park Monday.

Cora played for the Red Sox from 2005-2008 and is remembered mostly for being part of the ’07 World Series Champs..

He is coming off an unbelievable season where he served as bench coach with the Houston Astros, who just won the World Series in a thrilling 7-game series with the Dodgers.

“Boston is a challenge, but for me it’s not”, said Cora, who is from Puerto Rico.  He said he understands what it means to live, breathe and bleed baseball all the time.

Although he does not have big league managerial experience, Cora comes highly recommended for the job. Along with interviewing for the Red Sox, Cora was also met with the New York Mets plus had ties to the Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies.

The Red Sox are excited to have him, particularly due to his leadership skills and his ability to speak with the young players. Based on those simple factors, Boston thinks he is the perfect fit as the new manager.