Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Matthew Grady 11/12/17

Mayor Marty Walsh says he has a lot to do over the next four years, after winning the city’s mayoral election last week by a margin of over thirty percent.

Around 50,000 people have moved into Boston since 2010. At this current rate, Boston’s population will reach a total of 724,000 by 2030. To combat the rising population, Walsh has added 60,000 jobs since 2014 and is on track to add more with possible deals like landing Amazon’s second headquarters in the city.

Polls reflected that housing is a concern of many. Tito Jackson, Walsh’s competitor for mayor, chided Walsh on his performance in that area. “The housing he says he’s building for people he says is affordable is not affordable to people who need it,” Jackson said. From 2014, housing prices overall have increased from slightly under $2,600 to over $2,800. Walsh’s Q2 Report for 2017 states that 40 percent of his proposed units slated for completion in 2030 are either built, under construction, or permitted.

Walsh, although having a larger number of black voters than Jackson in a Globe/Suffolk poll, has work to do with regards to racial relations, according to the NAACP. The group evaluated Walsh’s results as having “no change in the current condition” regarding his progress on economic developments, affordable housing, and corporate accountability for blacks and hispanics. Walsh “respectfully disagree[d] with the grades given.” He said that “we have to continue to create opportunities and the way you move Boston forward is by creating opportunities for people.”

Walsh has worked to institute police body cameras, after instituting a pilot program which ended this September. When the results from this trial period come back from Northeastern University, Walsh will “make the decision.”

Walsh is confident that “we have a lot of good things happening in our city.” He said in his victory speech that he will work “…to continue the historic progress we’ve made in the last four years…”

Since winning the election, Walsh has appointed a new Health and Human Services Chief, Marty Martinez.