Courtesy of Samantha Avalos

By Tyler Robichaud 11/20/17

Hundreds of people gathered during protests in the Boston Common Saturday. The main event was a Resist Marxism” rally, though many in attendance were there for a counter-protest. 

Trying to express their feelings of constitutional rights being minimized or taken away by Mayor Marty Walsh, about 75 protestors were greatly outnumbered by counterprotestors and had to be escorted in and out of the common by police.

The self-proclaimed supporters of free speech were denied the permit to gather on the common because of a previously scheduled road race. This angered the group, which took the denial as a direct attack on their rights.

The city saw a similar demonstration in August, which garnered a much larger crowd and conjured an extremely tense environment on the heels of similar protests in Charlottesville that left 3 dead and many more injured. Because of this, Police would not allow media or other members of the public to gather around the demonstration in the central bandstand. The group saw this as another attack on their freedom of speech, further proving their point.

This weekend, Boston was even more prepared, lining both Boston Common and surrounding streets with metal fencing to keep a level of orderliness. In the end, it was a much smaller crowd than anticipated and, though three arrests were made, there were no reports of violence.

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