By Sarah Maugaotega 11/29/2017

An Egyptian mosque was attacked by terrorists  Friday, killing 305 worshipers, including 27 children and injuring another 128. The mosque was filled with hundreds congregating for Friday prayers.

Egypt said that there were between 25 and 30 attackers. The attackers, dressed in full military garb and masks arrived at a mosque in the small town of Bir al-Abd.  Driving five all-terrain vehicles, the attackers positioned themselves at the front of the building. The militants aimed their guns at the 12 windows at the front of the mosque, and opened fire on the packed building, leaving the carpets stained with blood officials and witnesses said. They also torched several cars outside the mosque, which belonged to the worshipers inside. The terrorists are believed to be members of the Islamic State Sinai-Province, a group that has sworn allegiance to ISIS.

Courtesy of Creative Commons


President Trump has condemned the attack, calling it “cowardly” in a tweet. It is the deadliest attack of its kind since the Islamist presence on the peninsula grew in 2013.

Egypt’s military performed airstrikes and raids overnight on Friday to target hideouts and vehicles involved in the attack.