By Franco Araujo O’Neil 12/6/2017

The Ball family is in the news again.  Lavar Ball has removed his son, Liangelo, from UCLA after he was suspended from the team after getting caught for shoplifting in China, The Bruins were overseas preparing for their season opener against Georgia Tech.

Lavar and Liangelo appeared on the Today Show, where the younger Ball brother spoke about his arrest for the first time on TV.  “People started taking stuff, I took something, too”, he said.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

After giving his side of the story, Liangelo’s father stepped in and stated that after his son’s suspension, he planned on pulling him out of school and getting him prepared for the NBA.

Lavar has been vocal about his children since the moment his firstborn, Lonzo, stepped into the spotlight. Lonzo is playing for the Lakers after being selected second overall in June’s NBA draft out of UCLA. Lavar made it clear that he would get the nineteen-year-old Liangelo into shape so that he can be prepared for professional basketball.

While on the Today Show, the father of three Ball sons said: “the grand plan stays the same, all the boys are going to be on the Lakers.”

The founder of Big Baller Brand was asked if he had a backup plan for Liangelo and said, “I ain’t got no fallback plan. Because if I got a fallback plan, that means I’m going 80 percent this way and 20 percent to my fallback. I’m 100 percent in, so I never get stopped.”