By Allison Payne 2/26/2018

The Mayor of Boston is calling for a change in gun laws on the federal level following the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

After the Parkland school shooting, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says that there needs to be change on the federal level to combat gun violence. Walsh identifies a lack of regulations and repercussions for improper gun purchasing and the amount of influence held by the National Rifle Association. 

Courtesy of Creative Commons

“There’s something wrong with our society. There’s something wrong with our system,” Walsh said to David Axelrod on “The Axe Files.” 
Mayor Walsh praised Massachusetts as an example of effective gun control, being the first state to ban bump fire stocks in addition to regional conferences on gun violence. 
“The thing that bothers me is the federal government again is not involved in this space,” Walsh said. “As the mayor of Boston, you know, I support people’s right to bear arms. I support their right to be able to own, But what I’m asking for is some accountability here.”