By Isabel Indresano 3/1/2018

Uber and various healthcare companies are joining together to help people make their medical appointments. The new program is called Uber Health. The service, announced by Uber on Thursday, will provide transportation to health services without having to use the Uber app. 

The program will use SMS text messages to communicate information for planned rides, and it intends to add landline calls that can be used to relay trip information and details as well. Patients can schedule appointments with receptionists and other staff members at their doctor’s offices, allowing people without smartphones access to Uber. Drivers will continue to use smartphones and operate through the Uber application. 

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The creation of Uber Health hopes to combat the inability of many ill people to access proper health care due to a lack of transportation. Chris Weber, the general manager for Uber Health, said, “Transportation barriers are the greatest for vulnerable populations. This service will provide reliable, comfortable transportation for patients.”

To protect the privacy of patients using Uber Health, they will remain mostly anonymous to their drivers, meaning that each Uber Health ride will look the same as other rides. Drivers will only be provided with the passengers’ names and their destinations.