By Rob Way 3/7/2018

At only 23 years old, Andrew Benintendi is the starting left-fielder for the Boston Red Sox. He already has a season-and-a-half of big league experience and is exhibit A of baseball’s new youth movement.

Rob Way / WEBN-TV

“I think the game’s changing,” he said. “Guys have to throw a lot harder, and some younger guys are getting a shot. Hopefully, you can stick when you’re a young guy. It’s something I’m still working on.”

Benintendi will have to get used to a new manager this year, but says he’s already a fan of Alex Cora, saying “it’s awesome” having Cora in charge.

He didn’t say much else but added that Cora is “always joking around ” with the team.

The Red Sox have won eight out of the 13 games played so far in spring training.

“Everybody is feeling good,” Benintendi said. “We’re playing hard and trying to get better.”

He also said that the game isn’t the only thing he and the other outfielders are working on. They are planning on bringing back their post-game ritual: Win, Dance, Repeat. It’s a choreographed dance among the Red Sox outfielders after every win that fans have come to enjoy.

“It was going on before I got called up. I think Chris Young came up with it,” he said. “Mookie [Betts], Jackie [Bradley Jr.], and Brock [Holt] and everybody who plays in the outfield is kind of working on it. We’re just trying to have fun with it. I’m not quite sure what we’re gonna do this year yet.”

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