New Pirates President Excited

Today Jim, Dave, and I covered the Pittsburgh Pirates facing the Minnesota Twins. We were able to talk to the Pirate’s new Team President Frank Coonelly. His excitement to be running this team was immediately apparent. Coonelly has worked in the major leagues for over 20 years, but showed the joy of a child with a new toy when speaking of the Pirates. He talked about changing the culture of the team and getting back to striving for excellence. It was great to talk to such a high-ranking member of a major league baseball organization. The best part: it was like a conversation between two fans of the game.
We also spent some of our time with Emerson Alum Trevor Gooby. He is the Pirates’ Director of Baseball Operations for Florida. He sat down to talk with us about his life after graduating in 1998. It was educational talking to an Alum who has made a successful career and to find out how he got there. Trevor is what many of us strive to be: an Emerson Alum willing and excited to help current students. He is proud to assist his alma-mater. His pride also shows through when he talks about the Pirates. Trevor says he feels like part of the team. He clearly loves his job and what an exciting job it is.Read more Pirates coverage.

-John Hanlon, BRADENTON