The Emmy Experience

It was surreal, standing face to face to TV’s hottest celebrities. Faces that usually are shrunken on my Hulu screen were now looking right into my eyes waiting for me to ask them the next question.
This was my Emmy experience. Most of the time it felt like I was dreaming… but the reality of it was that I was doing my job.
It all started on Friday walking through the lot of Fox studios. The same lots Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra once sauntered through were now lined with the “bungalows” of Fox’s television shows and movies.
We were waiting outside one when we were greeted by John Frink, the executive producer of the Simpsons. He actually kind of looks like a Simpsons character himself (in a good way, he’s not yellow or anything). He was full of life and very animated and that is exactly what I would expect from one of the masterminds behind one of my favorite television shows.
We walked into the writers roomwhere there were no females (although we were assured that there were two female writers, whom we never did see). One of the writers pointed to another and said he did the voice of Mr. Mole on the show. I am an avid Simpsons fan and I felt instantly stupid for never having heard of that character. After asking him more about this Mole character, I starting feeling like a failed fanatic (mind you this is a girl who was Marge Simpson for Halloween in the seventh grade, I kid you not). He then broke into an impeccable Homer Simpson impression. It was then that I realized I was face to face with a legend. Dan Castellaneta aka Homer J. Simpson, a voice I spent countless hours listening to and laughing at.
Little did I know this was the first of many stars I would get struck over….