City Councilor Arrested

City Councilor Gets Arrested
By Shannon Donahue

There is a chill at Boston’s City Hall and it’s not coming from the weather.
City Councilman Chuck Turner has been charged with allegedly accepting one thousand dollars worth of bribes from a nightclub owner to keep his liquor license and then lying to federal agents.
Yesterday afternoon, City Council President Maureen Feeney, held a press conference where she outlined several measures being considered including removing Turner from office, his resigning, being censured, or absolutely nothing at all.
Feeney then postponed an open council meeting, because she was afraid Turner’s supporters would show up creating what Feeney called “political theatre.”
Later Turner held a press conference outside Boston’s City Hall in an attempt to prove his innocence and regain the trust of his constituencies.
He represents Roxbury and Dorchester residents. Turner has been arraigned in Worchester Federal Court.