Asia Takes Over The Governor’s Ball

By Christina Barkhorn
February 18, 2009
The Governor’s Ball has gone from an event with just tables, centerpieces and food to a major production taking over two weeks to set up physically. For the past twenty years, Cheryl Cecchetto has produced the Governor’s Ball and this year’s Asian inspired theme reflects the state of the economy and the future of producing events. The major Asian elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, water, and air bring relief from the stress in these challenging times and financial meltdown.
Cecchetto and her Sequoia Productions team have seen the changes in the special events industry. Now, the Governor’s Ball is just as big a production as the Academy Awards itself. Although the Governor’s Ball is already well known, for Cecchetto’s other jobs producing such a large-scale event is all about the branding. During these economic times it is harder to rely on her more personal clients, so she has been turning to her corporate and entertainment industry clientele.
Cecchetto compares her work ethic to someone like Wolfgang Puck. She says just how Wolfgang Puck is not going to start serving lesser quality food, she will not stop producing the best events possible. And that is what Oscars night will be for Cecchetto and Hollywood’s celebrities.


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