Henry Winkler Is At 40 Years And Counting

winkler423.jpgBy Anna Scheer
February 19, 2009
Not many entertainers can say they’ve been in the industry for forty years and counting. But Henry Winkler can.
He has lived many roles including actor, producer, director, and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governor. Most of us remember him as the Fonz from “Happy Days,” but Winkler has proven to be dynamic throughout the entertainment world.
Once Winkler established himself as an actor, he decided to branch out into other aspects of the television and film industry. Winkler produced and directed sitcoms, films, and specials–including some he created like “MacGyver.” Though he has found success in those fields, Winkler admits that his true passion is and always has been acting.
Forty years has also been plenty of time for Winkler to see the entertainment industry change. He believes that “the people who are making decisions are not as passionate about making entertainment. They are forced to make decisions based on the bottom line.” For the studio releasing a project, a project is only as good as it is profitable. But this realization hasn’t caused Winkler to lose his passion. At 63 years old, his zeal for entertainment is just as strong as it was from day one of his career.
When asked about where he sees himself in the future, Winkler responded, “I just hope I keep my mind and keep my body and keep my weight off. I want to work until I just keel over.”