Never Interview Wolfgang Puck Before Lunch

Wolfgang1.jpgBy Anna Scheer
February 19, 2009
Today we went to the Hollywood and Highland Kitchen to interview one of the most renowned chefs, Wolfgang Puck. My family is in the restaurant business, so I knew a busy kitchen wouldn’t phase me. But wow!!! We walked in to see a colorful array of food and get a sneak peak at what the stars will be eating at the Governor’s Ball Sunday following the Oscars.
As Executive Producer, it’s my job to make sure everything runs smoothly and we get the shots and content needed for our Oscars special television show. However, I don’t think any other interview could possibly be more distracting. I wasn’t star-struck–more like food-struck. Wolfgang created the most impressive pieces of artwork with food as his medium. A lot of it was in the shape of an Oscar, from salmon to dark chocolate.
Wolfgang topped the Oscar-shaped salmon with caviar. Now, I’ve had caviar before and it honestly grossed me out. He scooped out a spoonful of it and covered the salmon with it. A little bit got on his hand and he just licked it right off. I’m a picky eater, so I was thrown off to see someone–who I can’t imagine is–eat something so precious so casually.
When Wolfgang was mixing ingredients for a casserole, I was amazed how he could eyeball the amounts of each ingredient he needed. I guess a chef with that much experience just knows. But he was cooking for the Governor’s Ball and every A-lister you can think of! I accept I may never be the next Wolfgang Puck, but watching a chef like that cook was truly motivating. I may never cater to the big shots in Hollywood, but I’d be content to master spaghetti for my roommate.
In the end, the one major life lesson I learned is never to interview Wolfgang Puck before lunch. Being surrounded by the finest ingredients in the world and the most appetizing gourmet creations isn’t much fun for an empty stomach.