TGA Agent Nick Collins Has The Passion

By John Russo
February 19, 2009
Passion…. Not only does agent Nick Collins have passion for the entertainment business, but also when he is signing clients. A native of Reading, Massachusetts, Collins moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of working in the entertainment industry. He got his start at a small boutique talent agency. Although it was small, Collins worked closely with actors and fell in love with the agency business. “I thought it was so cool to be in the know about episodes, pilots and movies,” Collins said.
Fast forward three and half years and Collins works for TGA and has over twenty clients. In a entertainment city like Los Angeles where hundreds of agents are moving and shaking at all times, Collins separates himself from the pack by his passion. He does not go after talent just for one particular role. Instead he focuses on the big picture and long term aspects of a talent’s career.
Giving the right material to a client at the right time is key. Collins is not your stereotypical cookie cutter agent who is all about the power and money. He wants to make a genuine connection and make his client feel like an individual instead of a number on a long client list.
During tough economic times stars and actors might cut agents and try to represent themselves, but Collins said by doing so they have no “corporate support system.” Talent with no agent representation only have an incoming call business, whereas an actor with an agent has both incoming and outgoing calls. Without an agent actors can miss early heads up material as Agents know the pulse around the city so without an agent actors may miss early heads up information.
Film and television have always been seen as separate forms of entertainment, but Collins said the lines are becoming shades of gray. There have been more crossovers and it’s becoming a part of pop culture. It is due in part to the quality product TV shows are producing. “People care about television. The Oscars are a huge event, but so are the Emmys.” Collins said. Looking into the future Collins thinks the industry will have to adapt to new forms of media, but agents will still be critical in the development of actors.