Pittsburgh is getting ready for the G-20 Summit

pit_02.jpgBy Laura Imkamp
Sept. 23, 2009
In less than 24 hours the world’s top leaders will start to arrive here in Pittsburgh for the G-20 Summit. So the city is slowly going into lockdown.
The G-20 Summit on Thursday and Friday is expected to draw thousands of protestors and activists. However, not many were out today, but as of tomorrow, downtown Pittsburgh will be completely shut off to the public. Large, street-level shop and bank windows are already being boarded up, and gates have been set up along streets all around the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.
In the last few hours, more and more cops have started patrolling the streets here in packs on foot, bike, and horseback. They’re standing on corners throughout the area in groups of 3 or more.
So far only 14 protestors have been arrested. Large-scale marches and protests are planned for Thursday and Friday, when the G-20 leaders are in town.
Photo credit: Laura Imkamp, WEBN News.