P.M Brown says recession not over, countries need to work together

gordon.jpgBy Laura Imkamp
September 25, 2009
U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants the world’s leaders to start working as one.
In a press briefing just minutes before the start of the last session of the G20 gathering in Pittsburgh, Brown said the most important thing that needs to come out of this conference is political leadership on a global level.
Brown warned that the economy is no longer made up of “sheltered, national units.”
“We’re in a global economy. We have global financial flaws, global competition. You have a global set of decisions that have got to be made and therefore you need the political leadership at a global level to deal with these decisions,” Brown said. “It’s pretty obvious to me, that that’s what we’ve got to do.”
Top world leaders are convening in Pittsburgh today to discuss the economic recession and financial state of countries all over the world. Other key issues include climate change, nuclear agreements, and the fight against terrorism..
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks to the press on the morning of the last day of the G20 Summit. Photo by Laura Imkamp, WEBN News.