Ashley Wagner Dishes on the Competition, Music Selection, and Perfection

By Brandon Penny — 10/04/09
Facing Stiff Competition on the Road to Vancouver
Ladies figure skater Ashley Wagner describes how difficult it will be to make the Olympic Team for the 2010 Olympics, with such strong competition. She tells WEBN how the United States’ failed attempt to earn three spots for the Vancouver Olympic team will affect the ’09-’10 season, what she’ll have to do to make that team, and how having such tough competition will give her an advantage.

When to Stick in the Harder Moves and How to Pick the Perfect Music
Ashley Wagner tells WEBN how she determines which jumps to put in her program, and how quickly she knows if it paid off or not. Wagner also told us what the process of choosing the right music to skate to is like, and how much say she has in the matter.

Long vs. Short? Figure Skating or Speedskating?
WEBN asked Wagner whether she prefers her long program or short program, and how she would do in a timed sport such as speedskating.