Anti-War Protest Takes Over Copley Square

By Paloma Richards
October 17, 2009
There was music, costumes, and colorful signs. This may sound like a Halloween party, but this event had much more meaning to all its guests. This is an antiwar rally.
Protesters gathered in Copley Square to voice their opposition to the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
“We’re killing people who don’t deserve to die and Americans are doing it, soldiers are doing it in uniform and they think they’re doing it for you,” said Matthis Chiroux.
Antiwar organizations set up tables at the rally hoping to get their message across.
“I’m a member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. We are an organization comprised of people who had family members killed in the 9-11 acts, but have always opposed violence in our loved ones’ names,” said Terry Rockefeller.
“I belong to Military Families Speak Out. We’re about four thousand families across the country who have members of our family in the military on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. We oppose both of these wars and we feel that our family members are being deployed over and over again and the war should be over, should never have started to begin with,” said Sarah Fuhro.
But for some people at the rally, their opposition was not so strong.
“I hate to see people die. I don’t know if we have the right plan in place and that scares me. So I think and I’m hopeful that Obama and his administration are going to come up with the right plan, but I think just pulling out is not going to help,” said Christine Pencak.
These voices may be heard here in Boston, but not in Washington. Just last week President Barack Obama approved for twelve-thousand more troops to go to Afghanistan. In Boston I’m Paloma Richards.
Video by Billy Delaney.