House Speaker Throws Her Weight Behind Mike Capuano for Senate

NancyPelosiVert.jpgBy Jennifer Reading — 11/13/09
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to Boston today to endorse Congressman Michael Capuano who is running for the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Pelosi said she was honored to support her friend and colleague in his bid for Senate.
“Michael Capuano has been a leader in all areas of concern to the American people,” said Pelosi at the Omni Parker Hotel. “He’s operational. He’s not ideological. He’s there to get the job done for the American people.”
She went on to thank him for his vote on the recent health care legislation. Pelosi called his vote courageous and praised him for his ability to work with both parties.
“It’s natural that we would go to such an effective person who had been in the lead on some of these things that talk about integrity, whether it’s the fiscal integrity or the ethical integrity of the House,” said Pelosi, “I knew he would get he job done. I knew he would command the respect of the Republicans.”
Pelosi’s high profile endorsement may be key for Capuano, who is running in the Commonwealth’s special primary election against fellow Democrats Attorney General Martha Coakley, City Year co-founder Alan Khazei, and Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuc. Coakley is trying to become the first female senator from Massachusetts.
The primary election will be December 8 while the election will be on January 19. The two Republicans vying for the seat are State Senate Scott Brown and Jack E. Robinson.
But Pelosi seemed confident at today’s press conference that Capuano will take the senate seat.
“It will be my loss when Michael goes to the United States Senate, but I am very, very proud of his leadership and service to Congress,” said Pelosi.
Governor Deval Patrick has appointed Paul Kirk, former Democratic National Committee chairman and longtime Kennedy aide, as the interim senator to occupy Kennedy’s seat. Kirk’s term will expire when the winner of the special election takes office.