Pollution Has Decreased in Massachusetts, Increased Across US

Massachusetts Pollution.jpgBy Justine Frostad — 11/16/09
Bay State residents can breathe easier because the air is getting cleaner. According to government data, pollution in the state has decreased by 5% since the ’90s. Environment Massachusetts Campaign Director Emerald Russell says federal legislation is needed for improvement to continue.
“The federal government must build on the initial progress made by the states by passing strong clean energy legislation and by adopting clean, common sense, EPA rules to cut pollution from aging coal plants and big smoke stack industries,” Russell asserted.
The U.S. Senate is considering the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. It aims to cut carbon emissions and create millions of green jobs. Russell says clean energy will help the economy.
She said, “By moving to clean energy, we can cut pollution, help jump-start the economy, and create millions of new clean energy jobs accross the country.”
While the Bay State has improved, national carbon emissions have increased by about 20% since the ’90s.