Most Recent Town-by-Town Votes

By Meaghan Corson — 12/09/09
Another win has been called by The Associated Press. Martha Coakley has taken the Democratic Nominee of the Mass. Senate race with a 47 percent win.
Coakley supporters gathered and cheered for the Democratic win at Boston’s Sheraton on Dalton Street.
By Meaghan Corson — 12/09/09
Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown have won the Mass. Senate primaries. These candidates were the anticipated winners with both Coakley and Brown ahead of their competitors as soon as votes were being tallied.
Tuesday night’s battle ended with Coakley with a 47 percent win and Brown with a 89 percent win. According to, these are the latest town-by-town results of the great Boston area:
Agawan- 1,121 (D) 520 (R)
Amherst- 1,087 (D) 84 (R)
Beverly- 2,008 (D) 1,037 (R)
Braintree- 2,459 (D) 1,170 (R)
Brookline- 3,202 (D) 502 (R)
Dartmouth- 1,270 (D) 565 (R)
Everett- 1,514 (D) 347 (R)
Framingham- 3,263 (D) 1,265 (R)
Haverhill- 2,427 (D) 1,425 (R)
Lawrence- 1,672 (D) 451 (R)
Marlborough- 1,817 (D) 898 (R)
Medford- 4,817 (D) 996 (R)
New Bedford- 2,407 (D) 672 (R)
Newton- 6,743 (D) 1,247 (R)
Peabody- 3,109 (D) 1,422 (R)
Quincy- 5,339 (D) 1,842 (R)
Revere- 1,823 (D) 627 (R)
Springfield- 3,625 (D) 836 (R)
Taunton- 1,885 (D) 767 (R)
Wellesley- 1,771 (D) 1,100 (R)
Westfield- 1,214 (D) 712 (R)
More results are to come with the final numbers of Coakley’s and Brown’s wins for the nominees.

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