Jennifer Coolidge Gives Advice To Boston

Jennifer_Coolidge.JPGBy Diana Jeong — 2/15/10
The crowd that packed the Bill Bordy theater got faked out when the lights dimmed and went back on for what they thought was Jennifer Coolidge’s entrance. As the audience sat in anticipation, a slideshow appeared showing clips from her most popular movies including “American Pie,” “Best in Show,” “Legally Blonde,” “A Mighty Wind,” and “For Your Consideration.” The creator of the television hit “Friends” Kevin Bright appeared and introduced the guest of honor, saying “we all know her best as the ultimate milf,” and Jennifer Coolidge walked onto the stage.
The press conference then started and a reporter asked Coolidge if she would want to do a “Legally Blonde 3.” Coolidge jokingly (but not really) replies, “I would cause I would like the money.” She then talked about her costar, Reese Witherspoon, calling her “quite magical” and “brilliant.” She also said that if you want a movie to be good, you need to have a brilliant actress. Much to her disappointment, Coolidge believes a lot of actors in movies are now models and not actresses.
Coolidge also said that many times the best actress does not always get the job, especially in Hollywood. She then showed off her genuine comedic side saying, “A lot of the time it’s the prettiest tractor driver that gets the job. It would have saved me 10 years if I had known how to use a curling iron. That’s why all those Texas girls get all the jobs, cause they know how to do hair.” She made a huge emphasis on looking the part when auditioning because it has a lot to do with getting the job. A good headshot and good hair are just a few things that are important. Another very important quality is being thin because according to Coolidge, “thinner is looked at as a better thing in Hollywood. I know, it’s very depressing.”
Then comes the topic many of us had been waiting for…her role as Stifler’s mom in “American Pie.” Coolidge was asked to compare Stifler’s mom to Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate.” Her answer was “I think Stifler’s mom is better in bed. I don’t know why I think that but I just know it!”
When the audience got a chance to ask Coolidge questions, one person asked if she could demonstrate the “Bend and Snap” from “Legally Blonde.” Sure enough, she got up and did it. The crowd roared in laughter, just as they had throughout the entire Q&A.
The audience seemed like they couldn’t get enough, even when the event was coming to an end. Luckily she was around for the weekend to perform at a standup comedy show at the Wilbur Theater.