The Beat of the NFC North

By Markus Garcia — 02/16/2010
One of the biggest storylines from the NFC North this season was the Chicago Bears acquisition of pro bowl Quarterback Jay Cutler. The Bears traded starting Quarterback Kyle Orton, along with two first-round draft picks and one third round draft pick to the Denver Broncos for Jay Cutler and a fifth round draft pick. Many assumed that with the Bears’ acquisition of Cutler, they were a Super Bowl contender. However this perfect match situation quickly faded, first with problems arising in the locker-room between Cutler and the Bear’s starting Linebacker Brian Urlacher. Cutler also faced problems on the field during the season, having only thrown for 3,666 yard, 27 touchdowns and 26 interceptions and led the Bears to a 9-7 record.
However Chicago Bears’ fans should not throw in the towel on Jay Cutler and their team just yet. Because If the Bear’s new offensive coordinator Mike Martz can work with Jay Cutler and gives him the guidance and the training that Cutler has needed throughout his career and if Cutler listens to what Martz is trying to teach him. And the Bears add an actual receiver to their team by either drafting a decent rookie Wide Receiver like a Des Bryant from Oklahoma State or a Golden Tate from Notre Dame or picking up someone in free agency. So Cutler actually has a receiver other than Devin Hester to throw the ball to. If Cutler and the Bears do all of these things they could make a deep run into the playoffs and could potentially contend for the Super Bowl this upcoming season.