Mom Wants Only One Thing For Oscar-nominated Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels 2.jpgBy Valencia Wicker</b 03/06/10
None of the lights and cameras matters to Lee Daniels' mom. Claire Daniels just wants her director son to be happy.
This week Daniels' mother told WEBN that "To me he's just another one of my children. And, I'm proud of all of my children. My highest hope is for him to be happy and a good person."
Daniels and his mother attended the Uptown Magazine celebration of his history-making Oscar nomination. Daniels is the second African American film director to be nominated for the Best Film Director award.
The star studded event was a pre-Oscar gala celebrating the significance of Lee Daniels' Oscar nomination for the film "Precious." The film has been nominated for six Academy Award categories including Best Screenplay.
Geoffrey Fletcher is the screenwriter for "Precious." He says Daniels has fulfilled his mother's high hopes. "I've never met anyone like Lee. And one of the great things about him is that he will give people a chance. Most of the time you just hear no in this
industry. But if he sees something in you he will give you a chance. It has been life changing."
Daniels and "Precious" have made quite the impression on those in the film industry. "Fast and the Furious" Rick Yune says, "There were so many moments and so many performances that were amazing. You know that last moment when Precious is walking down the street and has a smile on her face, to me that says that there's any moment that somebody can look to be grateful. It's a beautiful movie."