JC Spink And Taking Risks in Hollywood

IMG_2262.JPGBy Brett Connolly— 03/06/10
When you having nothing to lose it is very easy to be extremely brave. This
is the advice of a successful Hollywood producer with blockbuster movies to
his credit. But the road to success for JC Spink was not easy and first
required a mental shift.
“When I graduated college I was deathly afraid of
moving out here,” says Spink. He had taken screenwriting classes in college but
was not sure how that would translate to the challenges he would face in
He finally made the move to Los Angeles and searched tirelessly
for an entry level job. “I tried to get my foot in the door at all these
places and no one really cared,” says Spink. But he did eventually land his first job which was at “Xtra Television Magazine” as an assistant music programmer.
As he started to learn the business Spink felt confident enough to start his own
company, or so he thought. Spink joined forces with Chris Bender in 1998 to
launch Benderspink, a management and production company. Spink admits youth
in the business helped his cause. “In hindsight had I known how tough it is,
we never should have started our own thing. But I think the fact we had no
idea that we shouldn’t start our own thing was why we started it and why it
worked. The odds are so great against any companies out here working that
when you’re clueless to that, it’s a lot easier to do.”
Twelve years later Benderspink has production credits on blockbuster movies
such as “The American Pie Series,” “The Ring,” and “The Hangover.” Spink continues
to read scripts in his search for great stories. “The only thing that separates
you and some of the greatest in this business is the right material.”