Obama Goes to Maine to Explain Health Care

Obamaebn copy.jpgBy Mumbi-Michelle Kimani — 04/01/10
The health care bill has become law. However many Americans still do not understand what it means for them. So President Obama came to Portland, Maine to explain his healthcare reform program.
He said that “There has been a lot of misinformation spread about health reform. There has been a lot of fear mongering, a lot of overheated rhetoric. You turn on the news and you’d see the same folks who were hollering about it before it passed. They’re still hollering about how the world will end because we passed this bill.”
Mr. Obama could have picked any state to address his critics but he picked Maine. That is because the Down State has been pushing the President’s health care plan. State Representative John Martin says Mr. Obama chose to come because of the Mainers’ support. “Maine was one of those states that is very supportive of the health care bill going back many years and one of those in support of the president’s effort.”
Maine was the second state to sign a letter urging members of Congress to vote for the bill. At large councilor Jill Duson says Maine residents were so supportive that they wanted more government involvement. “Our people have been on the whole spectrum of the health care battle. There are some folks who feel very strongly that it’s the wrong direction to go. They’re folks as far over on the left who are very upset the public option isn’t there.”
The President also picked Maine because the health care plan will help businesses afford health care for their employees. Small businesses comprise 97% of Maine’s economy. Mr. Obama says “starting this year millions of small business owners are going to be eligible for a tax credit that will help them cover the costs of insurance for their employees.”
Maine resident Catherine Tumba admits she now understands health care because of the President’s explanation. “I don’t feel confused anymore about the misunderstanding of people saying different stuff to hear from him is really, really good.”
It will take four years for Americans to feel the full effects of the law. But President Obama says some measures will take effect immediately. For example, each senior will receive $250 to help buy prescription drugs and small business owners can now receive 35% tax credit for health insurance.