“This is a Choice, Not a Referendum”– Clinton comes to Boston

5028135296_df42c3bb7c.jpg By Jamie Loftus — 09/26/10
Former President Bill Clinton campaigned in Boston Sunday for his personal friend Steve Grossman Grossman is the Democratic candidate for Massachusetts treasurer. Democrat party members at the Park Plaza Hotel to hear Mr. Clinton speak. Boston Mayor Tom Menino introduced the former president who spoke for about half an hour about the nation’s economy, endorsed small business and declared green technology to be the key to a brighter financial future.
“The great thing about not running for anything is that you can pretty well say whatever you want,” Clinton began, before launching into a comprehensive criticism of both Bush administrations’ which proceeded and succeeded his own eight years as president, and their lasting effect on the U.S. economy. “I want my country back,” said Clinton, adding that he feels Grossman can help achieve that.
Iin his concluding remarks, Clinton stressed the need for economic reform saying there is “nothing wrong with this country that we cannot fix.”
Grossman served as National Democratic Party chairman for two years of Clinton’s first term in office. For more than 35 years he has worked in his family’s business, the 100-year-old Grossman Marketing Group in Somerville. Sunday his family and supporters were well represented and enthusiastically applauding his references to the “winner’s circle” he hopes to stand in at the end of election day on November 2nd.
Grossman proposed to protect the public’s money by putting the state’s budget and expenditures online, moving money from national banks to community banks, and assisting the growth of small businesses through “the power of ideas.” He emphasized using the “full potential” of the treasurer’s role in government to accomplish these goals, and asked those in the audience to support his campaign as they had supported Clinton in the past. Grossman’s opponent is Republican Karyn Polito. Recently she criticized the use of Grossman and Clinton’s friendship to assist Grossman in his campaign.

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