NAACP Leader Wants To Focus On Education And Jobs

Jealous (2)_350.jpgBy Mumbi-Michelle Kimani — 10/02/10
NAACP President Benjamin Jealous had a great impact on the crowd around the Lincoln Memorial at the One Nation march.
He focused on education and jobs.
“It’s time for this country to spend less and less on war and tax cuts for the rich, which is one percent, more and more on schools and jobs for the other 99 percent. That’s why we’re here today.”
He went on to say the focus needs to be on why schools are closing.
“It’s one thing if a school is shut down because it’s not performing well. It’s quite something else if it’s shut down because we simply can’t afford to keep that school open.”
In general, Jealous wants the people to be heard and get their message out.
“We’ve got to bring the voices from outside the belt to here, so that people inside the beltway can understand.”