One Teacher’s Thoughts About Health Care

MonumentBy Meaghan Corson — 10/02/10
Everyone who participated in the One Nation march had a personal opinion about the issues. Tom Bennett is a teacher from Staten Island, New York. He had a lot to say about education reform, but he also shared his concerns about the nation’s health care.
Bennett said people need to look back in the past. “I think people need to remember where we were back in the 1920s and what’s been done over that time through social security, through Medicare, through the civil rights act.”
He even pointed out what needs to change in terms of how health care funds.
“We want everyone to have quality health care, to have quality education. And that’s not going to be provided by private enterprise. There’s a proper role for government and helping people, helping the poor.”
Bennett believes that taxation is part of the government’s role. He emphasized how taxes are not necessarily a bad thing.