Harvard cheers for “Moore” at Hasty Pudding

IMG_3753-1.JPGBy Brittany Berkowitz — 01/27/11
Actress Julianne Moore has taken home the gold. No, It wasn’t an Oscar but the honorary pudding pot. Moore was named Harvard Theatrical’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year.
It may have snowed on the honoree’s parade but things heated up as Moore had to endure a roast before she could receive her award. Although the snow had stopped the parade it didn’t keep the theatrical group from dressing in drag and dancing outside with their leading lady.
Then the festivities moved into the New College Theatre in Harvard Square. When it came to giving the actress her award, the club couldn’t be too hasty. The Boston University alum was dished out several tasks she had to complete in order to get the pot. Moore was met on stage by the comedy troupe dressed as some of her former leading men. She then had to try to seduce and silence the men from her movies’ past like Mark Ruffalo’s character in “The Kids are Alright” to the famous Hannibal Lector.
After successfully speaking with a “Bahston” accent and poking fun at her role in “The Hours” by getting a cast member dressed as Virginia Woolf to laugh, Moore put on a sour face when she realized her complimentary pudding pot was not in-fact filled with pudding. Nevertheless, the victorious actress took the Hasty Pudding’s gags with grace. She said, “it’s just nice to be made fun of because then you know at least people are watching what you do.”
Last year actress Anne Hathaway brought home the pudding pot as Woman of the Year. Later this month Harvard will honor “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno with the Man of the Year award.