Leno proud of his long-awaited Pudding Pot

By Christine Ryan — 02/05/11
Jay Leno - Hasty Pudding Man of the Year 2011
It was a night of many firsts for comedian Jay Leno. Having a dance off in heels with an Ellen DeGeneres look-a-like was one first. Another first and more meaningful was being named Harvard Theatrical’s Hasty Pudding Man of the Year.
Before Leno could receive the award he was put to the test by some of the biggest names in the business, well actually members of the troop dressed up like Natalie Portman, Carrot Top, Oprah and even Hamlet. Each of them asked Leno to try to complete tasks better than them. He might have not won the best impersonation of Oprah but he was very happy to walk away with the only title he came there for….Mr. Pudding Pot.
The ceremony took place inside Harvard’s New College Theater. After the ceremony at the press conference, a different side of Leno came out as he talked about growing up in Boston and hearing about Hasty Pudding.
Leno had been instantly attracted to the show since it was the closest thing to show business in the area and since then it has always had that special place in his heart. In the past colleagues have joked with Leno asking him if he received a Pudding Pot yet. Now the host of “The Tonight Show” can say he is one of the lucky ones to be the proud owner of the golden award.
Last year Justin Timberlake won the award and earlier this month Julianne Moore took home the pudding pot as Woman of the Year.